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Janesville, WI High School Alumni 1905

Alumni and what they were doing in 1906.

CLASS OF 1905.
Harvey Edwin Bailey--With Bort, Bailey & Co.
Beulah A. Brown ---Teaching, near Janesville.
Cecel Burgess ---Janesville.
George Caldow ---Janesville.
Walter L. Carle ---Janesville.
Florence A. Connell ---Stenographer.
W. Lynn Cory ---Business College, Janesville.
Ella May Denoyer ---Teacher.
Elizabeth M. Devins—Student, Whitewater Normal.
Rose M. Dixon ---Teacher, near Janesville.
LeRoy Eller --—Clerk, Janesville.
Ethel Frances Fifield ---Student, Milwaukee Normal.
Ruth Alden Fifield ---Student, Beloit College.
Lucy Wells Fox ---Janesville.
Clayton E. Fisher ---U. W. Agriculture.
John G. Galbraith ---Wilson Bros., Chicago.
Mae E. Hayes ---Student, University of Wisconsin.
Mabel Hollenbeck --—Janesville.
Harry B. Hubbell
W. Edward Hyzer ---With Rock Co. Bank Janesville.
Robert J. Jensen ---Beloit College.
Clara M. Jones --- Student of Music, Chicago.
Sarah E. Joyce --- Janesville.
Edward W. Litts --- Student of Pharmacy.
Florence E. V. Maltby ---Janesville, Wis.
Nellie M. Morris ---Whitewater Normal.
Thomas J. Mulligan --- Janesville Electric Light Company.
Mabel K. Munger --- Janesville.
Carrie B. Scofield ---Stenographer, Walkerville, Canada.
Howard Sheward ---Clerk, Palmyra, Wis.
Coravieve Shoemaker --- Teacher near Janesville.
Lottie R. Skinner ---Teacher near Janesville.
Anna K. Smith—Teacher ---near Janesville.
Annie Smith Teacher ---near Janesville.
Myrtle Belle Strang (Mrs. Wm. Nicholas) ---Appleton.
Eleanor Wilbur ---near Janesville.
Leila Whipple --—La Prairie.
Grace Winterroth ---Rochester, N. Y.
Oscar H. Yahn ---Clerk, Janesville.
Walter Seitz ---Fireman on R. R., Janesville.

Janesville, WI High School Yearbooks
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