Fayetteville, AR High School Class of 1922

Fayetteville High School, Fayetteville, AR Class of 1922

Frances Bates
Julia Bogert
Irma Berry
Beulah Bachelder
C. A. Brown
Hugh Boggs
Alberta Broyles
Lucill Bates
Lorena Carlton
Pauline Cory
Helen Coe
Ralph Foley
Thelma Garrison
Roy Gholson
Lloyd Gholson
Richard Grabier
jack Gage
Margaret Greathouse
Ora Hanks
Fred Hvizdalek
Emily Heston
Virginia Hall
Margaret Heerwagen
Pansy Holloway
Dorothy Jones
Herbert Lewis
Max McAllister
Grace Phillips
Elbert Pickel
Marie Ptak
Elizabeth Paisley
Marvine Price
Glayds Paulk [Gladys?]
Kenneth Ripley
Agnes Ruble
Virginia Reynolds
Mettie Russell
Billie Rose
Frances Slaughter
Dorothy Sanford
Lawrence Stinson
Claude Sanford
Frances Stephens
Preston Smith
Minnie Scott
Dorothy Sheppard
Dabney Tidball
Marjorie Terry
Paul Tidball
Virginia Tidball
Carrie Whitford
Lola Williams
Charles Wilson
Carroll Waters
Beulah Whitcomb
Ruth Witcher

Class Roster excerpted from "55 to Graduate From High School at Ozark Tonight," newspaper article about the graduation and commencement exercises, Fayetteville Daily Democrat, Fayetteville May 19, 1922