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Petaluma, CA High School Alumni 1919-1923

Alumni and where they were in 1924.


Dorothy Clark --Leland Stanford University
Lawler Drees --University of California
Leon Mason --University of California
Philip Ruby --University of California

Ralph Castagna --University of California
Earl Gray --Stanford University
Mervyn Haskell --University of California
Anna. Keyes --University of California
Mary Ann Ravenscroft --Junior College, Santa Rosa
Percy Schwobeda --University of California

Elrose Beggs --University of California
Wayne Braden --University of California
Carl Dinic --University of California
Andrew Donogh --University of California
William Gossage --University of California
Irma Neilsen --University of California
Thomas Putnam --University of California
Joseph Swyers --Junior College, Santa Rosa

Ruth Andrews --Junior College, San Diego
Evelyn Feliz --Junior College, Santa Rosa
Marcus Hardin --University of California
Kathleen Morris --University of California
Charles Niles --Junior College, Santa Rosa
Maybelle Nissen --California School of Arts and Crafts
Alfrida Poco --Stanford University
Virla Roper --University of California
Leo Schoeningh --University of Nevada
Edgar Schott --University of Santa Clara
Leslie Schwobeda --University of California
Marjorie Stillwell --Dominican College, San Rafael

Aileen Beck --Stanford University
Carlton Spridgen --Junior College, Santa Rosa
Dorothy Bianchini --San Jose Normal
Patty Carmichael --Junior College, Santa Rosa
Truman Clark --Nevada College
Helen Egan --Mills College
Clifford Hoffman --Stanford University
Mabel Jorgensen --San Francisco Normal School
Louis Kameny --University of California
Edith Petersen --San Francisco Normal School
Henry Ravenscroft --Junior College, Santa Rosa
Henry Siess --University of California
Betty Stackhouse --San Jose Normal

Roster from the 1924 Ariel Yearbook of Petaluma High School

Petaluma, California High School Yearbooks
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