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Colorado Springs, CO High School Class of 1910

Grace Ball
Agnes Barnett
Ruth Banning
Pearl Brennicke
Katherine Copeland
Grace Cozens
Ruth Davis
Ada Douglas
Ethel Eubank
Mary Gorsline
Mildred Greenwaldt
Caroline Hardick
Mabel Harlan
Bessie Hunter
Agnes Holm
Dagmar Holm
Bessie Jackson
Kate Kinney
Margaret Morrow
Frances Mullaney
Shirley McKinney
Emma Orrison
Helen Powell
Mary Robertson
Lela Smith
Irene St. John
Delphine Schmitt
Florence Stevens
Ruth Smith
Jessie Shelden
Stella Stray
Clara Stanton
Ruth Thornton
Gladys Whittenberger
Louise Willson
Gwendoline Whitmore
Ruth Law*
Katherine Cooper*
Marguerite Owen*
Constance Levy
Maurice Bearnes
John Rothwell
Roland Boynton
Glen Cheley
Chester Cotten
Forrest Dickey
William Griffin
Glen Griffin
Edwin Hoag
Fred Ullery
Earl Whitney
Grant Wilson
Glen Van Tilborg
M. Fukuya
Martin O'Haire
Horace Jencks
George Keener
Earl Koke
Tracy Menard
Ned Myers
Chadwick Perry
Arthur Rose
Charles Shadford
Ogle Smith
Herbert Sommers
Carl St. John
Walter Thomas
Jack Girling (or Gilring)*
Lisle Frock*

*half year graduates who finished their work in February

Class Roster excerpted from "Fine Program Given : Many Attend High School Class Day Ceremonies : Graduation Exercises Tomorrow Night," newspaper article about the graduation and commencement exercises, Colorado Spring Gazette, Colorado Springs, CO June 7, 1910