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Cheshire, CT Cheshire Academy Class of 1887 Graduation


The Students of the Old Academy Acquit Themselves Very Creditably.

The Town hall at Cheshire presented a very animated appearance when the graduating class of Rev. Dr. Horton’s renowned academy took the seats reserved for them in front of the stage. About 400 were seated in the hall and many more were compelled to stand in the aisles and against the walls. On the stage were seated Dr. Horton, principal of the academy; Rev. Dr. Vibbert, of Fair Haven; Rev. Dr. Beardsley, of New Haven; Rev. John Townshend, of Middletown; Hon. Benjamin Stark, of New London; Mr. Drummond of St. Louis, Mo.; Rev. E. A. Cornwall, the venerable pastor of the Congregational church in Cheshire; Mr. Cobb, of Kankakee, Ill., and Rev. Harry Yassington of Greenwich, Conn. The exercises for this morning consisted of addresses by members of the graduating class and were opened with prayer by the Rev. Mr. Sexton. This was followed by a very pleasing duet on the piano by Misses Belden and Weldon. Harrison I. Drummond then delivered one of the finest Latin salutatories that has ever been heard in Cheshire, his delivery being highly praised by his auditors.

The program as then rendered was as follows:
“Oration, “National Monument,” by Paul B. Warner of Sandy Hook, Conn.
“Novel Reading a Source of Culture,” by Erastus B. Bulkley of New York City;
“Medium of Exchange,” by Montville H. Malleit of Bridgewater, Conn.;
“Unrecorded Heroism,” by Fred S. Briggs of Kankakee, Ill.;
“The Coming Century,” by Ernest H. Baldwin of Cheshire;
“A Nation’s Glory,” by Edwin F. Lawton of Cheshire;
The valedictory address, “Notre Dame at Midnight,” by Duane P. Cobb of Kankakee, Ill.

The honorary oration was delivered by Frank B. Whitcomb of Trinity college, and was received with well merited applause. Rev. Dr. Horton then presented prizes as follows:

A book to Harry S. Hall, Cheshire, for excellence in spelling;
one to Henry H. Campbell, Sandy Hook, for good penmanship;
a $5 gold piece to W. L. French, New York city, for 5th form Virgil;
$2 to Ernest Randall, Essex, 5th form Virgil;
a $5 gold piece to Dwight B. Dennis, Providence, R. I., for 5th form Caesar;
$2 to Roy J. Coloney, Jacksonville, Fla., 5th form Caesar;
a $5 gold piece to William M. Rule, Cheshire, for 3d form Latin;
$1 to W. A. Suddard, Providence, R.I.;
$2½ in gold to F.S. Briggs, Kankakee, Ill. for proficiency in surveying;
book to M. H. Mallett, Bridgewater, for proficiency in surveying;
gold medal to John Swan, Seymour, for best set of office books;
honorable mention, E. Kittol Curtiss, Chicago;
bronze inkstand to Jose P. Arios, Havana, Cuba,
best set of actual business books; book to W. S. B. Jackson, Brookfield, for perfect deportment during the school year;
military medal to Duane P. Cobb, Kankakee, Ill.;
books for prize declamations, to Harry L. Hall, Cheshire, F. F. Stebbings, Bonfield, Ill.; W. L. French, New York city; Ira A. Davis, Killingworth; E. F. Lawton, Cheshire; Ernest Randall, Essex; J. M. Rosevear, New York city; F. W. Davis, Killingworth; F. W. Stratton, Cheshire; R. A. Woodbury, Cheshire.
The last prize was a medal presented to Harrison I. Drummond of St. Louis, Mo., for an oration delivered in the best manner.

The exercises concluded by the singing of the doxology.

The students and their friends then took dinner in the school building after which the board of trustees held a meeting, to be followed this evening by a reception in the town hall.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 16 Jun 1887