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New Haven, CT West End Institute Graduation 1887

Mrs. Cady’s School.

The annual graduation exercises of Mrs. Cady’s West End institute on Howe street were held yesterday morning. Four young ladies who have completed a three years’ course were present with diplomas by Rev. Dr. William W. McLane of the College Street church. The following was the program:

Piano duet—Le Roi d’Yvetot......A. Adam Miss Alice Smith and Prof. Ensign.
Salutatory and Essay--Dido, and Ethical study......Miss M. Frederika Smith
Essay--A Masterpiece of Art and Its Creator....Miss M. Ella Humphrey
Vocal solo--Salve Maria.....C. Rizzo Miss M. Frances Colegrove
Essay--The Social Atmosphere of Puritan Times.....Miss Cornelia B. Gilbert
Essay and Valedictory--Sophocles, the Man and the Poet.....Miss Frances C. Tallman
Overture--Quatre-Mains.....Mozart Miss Treat and Prof. Ensign
Presentation of diplomas.......Rev. Wm. W. McLane, D. D.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 16 Jun 1887