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Wallingford, CT High School Class of 1900 Graduation


Wallingford, June 20.—The annual class day exercises of the Wallingford High School were held in the Town Hall last evening and were attended by a large circle of friends of the pupils and relatives.

The stage was very prettily decorated with palms and potted plants and daisies, the latter representing the class colors of white and gold.

The program was as follows:

Address of Welcome...Miss Grace D. Paddock, class president
Girls' Chorus--"When Life Is Brightest"......Pinsuti
Class Prophecy--Miss M. Frances Brown.
Recitation--"The Revolutionary Alarm".......Bancroft, Mr. Malcom, L. McKensie
Piano Solo--"Polonaise" (C sharp minor)....F. Chopin Miss Christine A. Kahl
Class Poem--Miss Josephine Roche
Essay--"The Power of Knowledge"-- Miss Nellie A. Pagnam
Baritone Solo--"Three Wishes"....Pinsuti Mr. G. F. Flake
Class History--Miss Isabelle E. Sheehan
Adress{sic} to the Lower Classes--Mr. Frank T. Gaffney
Piano Solo--"Air de Ballet" (Op. 36, No. 6)...Moszkowski Miss Loretta E. Wrynn
Essay--"The Possibilities of Spare Moments."--Miss Eva A. Lobb
Semi-Chorus--"Come, Flit Around"--Wekerlin
Class Will--Miss Grace S. Gilbert
Farewell--Miss Eunice E. Platt

Promptly at 8 o'clock Miss Grace D. Paddock began the exercises with the address of welcome delivered in a bright manner. Miss M. Frances Brown's class prophecy was very interesting. The class poem by J. Josephine Roach evoked much applause as it was delivered in a most commendable manner. Miss Isabelle K. Sheehan's class review and history was also a very creditable piece of work and reflected no little credit on the author.

Mr. Frank T. Gaffney's address to the lower classes was excellent his advice doing credit to himself and every one concerned and it certainly displayed the fact that he had been advantageously taught by his experience of school life.

Miss Grace Gilbert read the class will in an acceptable manner for which she received generous aplause{sic}. Miss Eunice Platt made the farewell address and t piroved{sic} to be one of the best pieces of work rendered during the evening.

The class motto is "Aim at the Best."

Miss Kate M. Preston personally conducted the music rendered by the class which revealed much painstaking labor and much credit upon Wallingford's talented music teacher.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 20 Jun 1900