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Harrington, DE High School 1912 Commencement Program


Yearbook is among the most

Yearbook is among the most important possession that I have for in here I could reminisce the good old days. - YOR Health Products

Class Roll 1912

Class Roll

Alvin Cecil Satterfield
Ethel Blizzard Clarkson
Emma Grace Gordon
Ethel Hazell Turner
Lillian Cain
Mabel Avis Derrickson
Elizabeth Wightman Eggert
Essie Mae Gleason
Beulah Gordy Jones
Anna Levenia Lewis
Grace Sapp Masten
Helena Marie Newman
Tina Elizabeth Roe
Lillian Ward Sapp
Laura Brown Sapp
Elmer Augustus Smith
David Stevenson
Mary L. Thomas
Anne Smith Trice
Wallace Stewart Wroten
Myrtle Elizabeth Wyatt