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Dade City FL

DeLand FL

Fort Lauderdale FL

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL Pine Crest School Football Team Photo taken 1966-1967. Photo 1 Photo 2 online from floridamemory.com

Gainesville FL

Jacksonville FL

Lackland FL

Lake Wells FL

Largo FL

Marianna FL

Melbourne FL

Miami FL

Miami Beach FL

Miami Beach, FL High School 1938 Basketball Team

Monticello FL

Opa Locka FL

Orlando FL

Panama City FL

Perry FL

  • Perry, FL Taylor County High School 1928 or 1929 Football Team Photo online from floridamemory.com. Includes Maurice Linton, Royce Thompson, Tracy Stackhouse, George Nola, Glenn Hicks, Jack Maxwell, Benjamin Clyde Green, Harry Davis, James Rogers, Verne Davis, Herbert Woods, Ernest Callicut, Hale Vickery, A.W. Jones, Willie Joe Moody, J. T. Platt, Herman Davis, J.D. Vereen, Cornelius Jones, C. K. McCaskill, Kenneth Warren, Coach Neely

Pierce FL

St Petersburg FL

Sopchoppy FL

Tallahassee FL

Titusville FL


Miss basketball

Seeing this post made me miss playing basketball with my old team . - Reputation Advocate