Palatine, IL High School Commencement 1902

High School Commencement

The high school commencement Friday night June 13, was fully up to Palatine's standard. The class composed of six girls and four boys speaks well for a town of this size.

Prof. Sears' Barrington orchestra rendered music that was in harmony with the program.

Miss Ethel Kitston gave the first oration, her subject being "The Knight Errant." She spoke of the knights of old and gave the hope that chivalry is not a thing of the past.

Orla Sawyer advocated the "Government Construction of Reservoirs in Arid Regions," and showed their great value.

Emma Godknecht told of the horrors of war and how "International Arbitration" had come to keep the world in peace.

Winnie Sawyer gave a fine description of the Indian as he was, the injustice he suffers and his present needs.

Eva Biggs told of the wretched life that the "City Poor" endure in all its unhealthiness and wretchedness.

Alma Bicknase placed Cecil Rhodes on a pinnacle as a benefactor that has not been equalled.

Cora Schultz gave the reply speech and the avaricious character of Cecil Rhodes was brought to the attention of all.

John Slade spoke of the "Oligarchy of the Senate," telling of the powers the senators wrongly use.

William Hanns defended the senators and showed the value of their powers.

Hon. Chas. S. Cutting gave a brief address telling of the record the Palatine High school has made as second to none of its size in Cook county. He paid high tributes to the work of Prof. Smyser and cautioned the people not to be except his successor to follow in his steps, but give every teacher hearty cooperation. His sentiments were timely.

President C. D. Taylor presented the diplomas to the class.

We have not attempted the use of adjectives to praise the orations separately, but we feel that we are voicing the sentiment of all present when we state that the class of 1902 know how to write orations, know how to deliver them and that their commencement program more than met the expectation of the public.

Enterprise-Register, Palatine, IL 21 Jun 1902