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Peoria, IL Kingman High School Class of 1923


RAYMOND BRYAN Commodity Clerk, Peoria, Illinois
FRANK GARDENER Salesman, Peoria, Illinois
WINFIELD F. MEYER Salesman, Peoria, Illinois
ROBERT WILHELM Insurance Solicitor, Peoria, Illinois
ROBERT LINDQUIST Tilesetter, Peoria, Illinois
CHETTA BALL Mrs. H. F. Clark, Peoria, Illinois
IRENE CHEW Bookkeeper, Peoria, Illinois
MAE JOHNSON Stenographer, Peoria, Illinois
RUTH MAXWELL Teacher, Peoria Heights, Illinois
LAUREITA SALTER Mrs. L. Phelps, Peoria Heights, Illinois

Roster from the 1930 Yearbook of Kingman High School

Peoria, IL High School Yearbooks
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