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Peoria, IL Kingman High School Class of 1921

VIOLA C. PETERSON Mrs. J. S. Walker, Peoria, Illinois
CRYSTAL D. GLENN Private Secretary, Peoria, Illinois
GLADYS C. RODBERG Teacher Peoria, Illinois
PEARL V. SMITH Married Peoria, Illinois
GER TRUDE SHIVELY Mr, W. Thompson_ Davenport. Iowa
FLORENCE M. HINES Mrs. R. Clatfelter Peoria, Illinois
HELEN McDERMOTT Clerk Peoria, Illinois
C. CLEONE HEDRICK Salesman Peoria. Illinois
LEVERT BOWLES Engineer Chicago. Illinois
LINONEL G. WAHLQUIST Machine Tender Peoria, Illinois
E. DEAN CORRELL Draftsman Peoria, Illinois
GLENN L. EMERT Salesman Adrian, Michigan
ROBERT B. JUERJENS Florist, Peoria, Illinois
VICTOR G. HANSEN Tile Setter, Peoria, Illinois

Roster from the 1930 Yearbook of Kingman High School

Peoria, IL High School Yearbooks
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