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Peoria, IL Kingman High School Classes of 1917-1919


ROBERT PAGE Auditor, Omaha, Nebraska
STANLEY LALLKY Electrician, Kansas City, Missouri
BENJAMIN FEUCHTER Salesman, Peoria, Illinois
RUTH JOHNSON Nurse, Chicago, Illinois
GRACE CAMPBELL Mrs. H. T. Pease, Cleveland, Ohio
PAULINE HIET Mrs B. Feuchter, Peoria, Illinois
ANITA SCHMUCK Mrs. H Lindquist, Denver, Colorado
CHARLES BUHL Salesman, Peoria, Illinois
RICHARD SAMUELSON Department Manager, Keystone, Peoria, Illinois
WILLIAMS CLEMMENS Sales Manager, Peoria, Illinois


VERNA FIFIELD Mrs. B. C. Smith, Denver, Colorado
HARRIET GATLIN Mrs. W. A. Lindquist, Atlanta, Georgia
BESSIE MELCER Mrs. D. MacGregor, Peoria. Illinois
LILLIE PAULI Teacher, Peoria, Illinois
HELEN RADISPIEL Clerk in Bank, Peoria. Illinois
HAZEL RYDGREN Mrs. C. Fisher, Peoria, Illinois
TILLIE WALLACE Stenographer, Peoria, Illinois


CORA CALDWELL Mrs. L. Stoecker, East Peoria, Illinois
ANNA FUHRER Bookkeeper, Peoria, Illinois
GERTRUDE PAULI Teacher, Peoria, Illinois
LOUISE RINGNESS Mrs. J. J Kuntz, Chicago, Illinois
EDITH WA LCHLII Mrs. E. P. Koetten, Peoria, Illinois
HILBERT HODGE Salesman, Peoria, Illinois
FREDERICK JUERJENS Land Gardener, Chicago, Illinois
GORDON MACGREGOR Salesman, Peoria, Illinois

Roster from the 1930 Yearbook of Kingman High School

Peoria, IL High School Yearbooks
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