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Chicago, IL Hyde Park High School Class of 1895

List of Graduates.

Daniel William Ahern
Jane Kellogg Atwood
Kathryn Marie Bardon
Lillian Alice Berger
Katherine Mae Boyd
Mary Lavinia Bray
George Theodorus Briggs
Stephen Buhrer
Gerald De F. Bunker
Maud Norwood Burch
Anna Bertha Chambers
Amy Beatrice Copelin
Ella Frances Crabbe
Ida Laura Dexter
Hilda Einstein
Mary Cornelia Ewer
Howard W. Fenton
Grace Pearl Fielder
Harriette E. Foote
Mabel S. Furman
Julia Miriam Geist
Alice Goodrich
Mabel Clare Graham
Alice Gertrude Greer
Wilhelmina Gunn
Lucie Hammond
James Joseph Hannon
Valeria Martha Hopkins
Lawrence M. Jacobs
Anna Belfield Kissell
Alice Austin Knight
Harold Kirk
May Lally
Hugh Gutherie Leighton
Martha Livingston
Sherly Madigan
Mabel M. Mathison
Edna Pearl Maxwell
Flora Alma Maxwell
Helen Therese Miller
Clara Lillian Mooney
Mary Helen Mulvihill
Katherine A. Murphy
Eleanor Myers
Lydia T. Nilsson
Laura Marie Norton
William H. Noyes
Anna Fenley Parker
Adelyn Estelle Parshall
Georgeina Partlow
Harry Graydon Partlow
George M. Perkins
Henry Poppen
Bertha Purdy
Frank A. Reid
Constance R. Richardson
George H. Rosenthal
Alice English Ryan
Tessie Schottenfels
Jonah Sylvester Scovel
Alice Cecelia Sepple
Alice Belle Thompson
Edna Maude Tolly
Blanche Varnum
Willoughby G. Walling
Rose Josephine Watson
Michael Billman Wells
Blanche Whipple
Harold Ferris White
Harold Eugene Wilkins

Class Roster extracted from "Many Get Diplomas Large Classes Are Graduated from the High Schools," in the Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 28 Jun 1895