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Chicago, IL Jefferson High School Class of 1895

Pearl Reba Beecher
Frederic Adrian Bergbom
Ernest D. Bishop
Ella May Calais
Jessie J. Chapin
Sidney Smith Cushing
Jean Scott Davidson
Myrtel Emerett Dean
Frank August Esterquist
Roy Caston Flickinger
Mary Eleanor Gross
Clara Heath Halladay
Hilma Harthe
Alma Elizabeth Klehm
Idella may Dora Olson
Lucy Frances Opfergeit
Otto J. Redderlings
William Eaton Richardson
Mina H. Ropp
Paul Edward Sampson
Elizabeth Matilda Schult
Louis Herman Segelken
Jessie Z. Stewart
Nelly Taylor
George Philip Kuhn Volz
Cady Kendall Wright
Lillian May Wulff
Mary Lorraine Wulff

Class Roster extracted from "Many Get Diplomas Large Classes Are Graduated from the High Schools," in the Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 28 Jun 1895