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Chicago, IL Northwest Division High School Class of 1895

The following are the names of the graduating class:

Agnes G. Ahern
Alma Grace Anderson
Ruth Bennett
Jennie E. Berg
Leo L. Brunhud
Anna R. Carroll
Margaret B. Connor
Alice Gertrude Costello
Cecelia C. Delfosse
Harry De Velde
Adolph S. Froehken
Katherine A. Gaud
S. Treat Gregg
Caroline E. Groat
Margarita Hande
Ellen M. Heaphey
Norman M. Hill
William F. Horn
Octavia May idarius
Eveline M. Jevne
May B. Kelly
Ellen Kennedy
Lizzie Lessing
Lottie B. Lindquist
Grace T. Machacex
Elizabeth A. Martin
Anna Mouffe
Kittie J. McCarthy
Elma McNeal
Anne Malina Olaison
Johanna E. Olsen
Olava K. Olsen
Julia M. O'Neill
Hannah C. Peterson
Jennie Myrtle Peterson
Mary K. Peterson
Cecelia M. Quinn
Eliza R. Rasmusson
Anna F. Rosenberg
Margaret M. Sanders
Louisa M. Schertber
Ruth C. Schwechow
Genevieve Shurr
Gunda O. Smith
Gustav E. Soderstrom
A. Hermize Steuber
Arthur W. Sstillians
marie C. Thomsen
Johannes Thomsen
Louisa M. A. Wegener
Maud M. White
Emily J. Wiedel
Grace C. Willard
Edward C. Williams
Olive J. Wilson

Class Roster extracted from "Many Get Diplomas Large Classes Are Graduated from the High Schools," in the Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 28 Jun 1895