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Muncie, IN High School Class of 1918


Gladys Arthur
Doris Atwood
Well Austin
Helen Bechtell
Walter Bell
Cecil Benbow Leitch
Charles Benham
Velma Brokaw
Mildred Brunner
Ethel Carpenter
Cleo Clevenger
Fred Coffman
Claire Conger
Violet Crusius
Inez Cultice
Vernon Davis
Helen Dawson
Omar Dedert
Ralph Dragoo
Harry Fortney
Frank Friddle
Lela Green
Rupert Grunden
Eugene Gullett
Annette Gunckel
Ralph Harlan
Edna Hayworth
Hazel Howell
Richard Hummel
Nellie Hunt
Robert Hurst


Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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