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Muncie, IN High School Class of 1917


Edwin Andrews
Mable Austin
Ruth Badders
Helen Ball
Roxey Barrett
Marion Bath
Harold Beckett
Veda Benbow
Louise Bragg
Starr Brown
Mayme Brunner
Paul Bunsold
Georgia Copeland
Rachel Cowing
Ronald Craig
Dora Dages
Joe Davis
Pauline Davis
Louise Davis
Mary Deardorff
*Hugh Ellis
Helen Foreman
Sam Friedman
Catherine Gilbert
Viola Gordon
Marie Griffith
Alice Hall
Adalene Harrold
Maybelle Hayes Minta
Charles Hoffer
Mary Howard
Louise Hunt
Merwyn Hunt
Pauline Hunt
Neal Jerone Hartley
Ruth Jerome
Edyth Jones
Ester Jones
Helen Jones
Laura Jones
Cleon Jordan
Martha Kemper
Campbell King
Helen Kirchner
Martha Kramer
Arthur Krug
Georgianna Lockwood


Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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