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Muncie, IN High School Class of 1915


Lois Allen
Grace Austin
Laura Brokaw
Frances Boomer
Anita Butterfield-Weber
Louise Carey
Pauline Condit
Vaughn Cunningham
Rhea Day
Raymond Derrick
Faye Dick
Ralph Eash
Mabel Fortney
Edna Frohmuth
Helen Fudge
Edith Gates
Garwood Graham
Glenn Hamiel
Leo Hanky
Mary Hawk
Martel Hollingsworth
Leah Jerone Hartley
Thew Johnson
Harriett Jordan
Talbot Kramer
Lucille Leffler Babb
Elizabeth McLean Maitlen
Osie Markins
Ethel Martin
Irvin Mauck
La Vaughn
Manzy Steck
Ernest Mitchell
Katherine Nichols Shreeves
Warren Norton
Helen Parsons Shafer
Mabel Parsons
Paul Pegg
Marie Peters
Thelma Poortnan
Reba Price
Fred Prutzman
Dorothy Rappaport
Elizabeth Russell
Archer Sampson
Louise Schniit
Sylvia Scott
Pearl Scranton
Harry Shaffer
Robert Shewmaker
John Skelly
Louise Smith
Martha Snyder
Wiley Spurgon
Morris Stanley
Ralph Stewart
Bernal Starr
Louise Sudberry
Walter Swain
Reba Sharpe
Arthur Tuhey
Esther Waite Sheelor
*Cleo Wentz
Fred West
Lillian West
Lena Whitney
Evangeline Williams Williams
Mabel Wonders De Witt


From the 1921 Yearbook of Muncie High School

Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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