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Muncie, IN High School Class of 1914


Ruth Lucile Ball Harker
*Bernice Benbow
Norma Binkley Greely
Faye Bond
Earl Briggs
Lulu Brown
Helen Broyer
Beulah Bruns
Willard Carter
Lucile Cropper Bryant
Gordon Davis
Anna DeYoung
Carroll Evans
Lois Evans
Beulah Fields
Pauline Franks Milligan
Evelyn Gault
*Allen Georgia
Lytle Griffith
Evreett Hamilton
Howard Hartley
Roy Hartley
Elizabeth Hickman
Olin Humfeldt
Marvin Hummel
Edith Hurst
Merrill Janney
Eva Keever
Paul Kelly
Mary Kibele
Hazel Linkhart McNabb
Goldie Martin
Mary Martin
Lucile Milligan
Marion Mongrain
Burton Moore
Helen Moore
Joseph Mutterspaugh
Robert Peters
*Eugene Richey
Leota Rees Homer
Selyl Robinson Burkey
Veda Roller
Marion Ryan
Kemper Sanders
Bessie Schwartz Roth
Faye Siebert Keller
Eva Smith
Ralph Snyder
Mildred Stephens Arnold
Marie Van Arsdol
Clarence Wagoner
B. Ellsworth Warfel
Roble Weaver
Clyde Weikel Myers
Hazel Whinrey
Clinton Williams
Harry Williams
Mary Youse


From the 1921 Yearbook of Muncie High School

Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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