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Muncie, IN High School Class of 1912


*Mary Abbott
Agnes Alley Summers
Russell Beck
Paul Burton
Eura Butterfield Thompson
Esther Byers Mullin
Jeanette Calvin
Grace Casper
Mary Collins
Ralph Cordle
Fred Covalt
Van Creviston
*Beulah Curry
Alma Davisson Williams
Ruth Doyle
Lily Dragoo Miller
Herbert Eller
Catherine Fay
Lemuel Fowler
Mabel Frazier Jeffries
Warren Freeman
Helen Graham Burton
Mabel Gregory Whitney
James Griffith
*Carl Griffin
Merritt Guild
Hazel Hardsog Lewellen
Fred Hartley
Jessie Heil
Otto Huffman
Genevieve Hukill
Emerson Jones
Marie Kirchner
Eula Knox
Elizabeth Lambkin
Paul Leffler
Wendall Lewellen
Harry Lockett
Will McClellan
Will McClellan
Ruth L. Mann Baldwin
*Ralph Mason
Hazel May Proctor
Claude Miller
Alice Moore
Marvin Nichols
Reba Norris
Karl Nottingham
Mildred Prutzman Garst
Mary Quick
Luther Rice
Elizabeth Sampson Turk
Frank Samuels
Ruth Sellers Baker
Cecil Shaffer Rosenthal
Earl ShuttIeworth
Minna Silverburg Steinburg
Ruth Simmons
Ethelyn Smith Bayles
Gladys SmithFarling
Carroll Smith
Marie Snodgrass
Esther Snyder
Marie Stauf
Helen Stephens Weber
Joseph Sweigart
Mary Tripp
Blanche Tuhey
Elizabeth Throop Mallory
Helen Vance
Ruby Weikel
Ruth Williams
Mabel Winters Andes
Mabel Wolf Snyder
Louise Dragoo Peavy


From the 1921 Yearbook of Muncie High School

Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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