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Muncie, IN High School Class of 1911


Ethelyn Anderson
Doris Babb-Nelson
Edith Baldwin
Don Bernard
William Blarney
Thomas Blease
Evelyn Bowdream
Helen Bowman Janney
Lenora Brown
Emily Carmichael Merz
Clifford Cecil
William Chambers
Ella Chamness Benson
Leon Cline
Carrie Cochran
Pied Crilly
Josephine Dages
Howard Davis
Alice Doud
Charline Dragoo
Roy Dragoo
Claude Fuson
Eva Garriott
Ruby Gartin
Wade Gessell
Paul Haimbaugh
Bessie Haydon
Fleming Raymond
Alma Heal
Galbraith Bennett Heath
Clare Billing
Edith Hopkins
Vance Hudson
Nellie Hurst
Zella Hutchens
Velma Iorns Monroe
Edith Kandall
Emily Kersey
Lela Kettner McClellan
Cleone Kidnocker Daggs
Edna Kratzer
Ruth Leffler
Ruth Line
Ermal Lindsey
Emory Long
Nellie McCarty
Helen Maddux
Edward Maitland
Paul Mann
Rodney Marsh
Leona Martin
Ray Matthews
Agnes Metsker Ball
Harry Miller
Homer Mock
Bruce Monroe
Marie Morris
Kathryn Morrison
Florence Oliver Sowers
Marvel Petty
Myrtle Pettiford
Olive Prewitt Brown
*Ruth Rarick
Ralph Rhoades
Margaret Rickeberg
Johnetta Robbins
Ralph Serwood
Ray Shile
Mildred Stauf Parkison
Lessie Stethen
Maude Stewart
Ward Stewart
Erma Tuhey Fillaman
Bernice Van Dalah
Francis Vanmater
Edna Wallace
Claude Williams
Madeline Williamson Smith
Norman Winters


From the 1921 Yearbook of Muncie High School

Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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