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Muncie, IN High School Class of 1909


Anna Marie Anderson
Sara Anderson
Ray W. Batey
F. Leighton Bayless
Marion E. Bullock Markle
Emma June Butterfield De Fchipper
Jenenie Mildred Byrd
Mary Hazel Carpenter DeWitt
Bessie Childs
Ray Wallace Clark
Greta Coil
Edna Colvin Rathbun
Raymond Conway
Madge L. Cranor
Georgia Dotson Fraub
Edna Driscoll
Lois Duncan
F. Oscar Driscoll
Frederick E. Durham
Clifford C. Felton
Carl W. Gerrard
Nellie Gessell
Mabel Gilmore McKillip
Emily Jane Harris
Holly Breen Harvey
Robert W. Haylor
Iscah H. Holbert Summers
Reba Hoover
Howard L. Horn
Norman Hottinger
Mabel James McGuff
Bessie Jones
Sarah Ethel Jones
Maude J. Jordan
Ruth L. Kelly
Frank L. Lake
Marion Gale Lambert
Charles Henry Longfield
Hazel A. McCrillus Harrold
*Edward B. McGlinsey
Mildred R. Marsh Hawk
Mary Wade Meeks
Irene Merrill Hudson
George L. Merz
Ida O. Miller
Glenda Mills
Glen L. Ogle
Mary M. Paul
Violet Evalyn Scott
Winigene Shirey Ryan
Sheldon G. Silverburg
Lulu Snyder Hamilton
Lorene E. Spencer
Jess Staigers
Helen Walling
*Vivian B. Warfel Boxell
Emily Warner Somerville
Beulah E. Williams Oesterle
Marie Williams
Walter W. Williams
Kenneth Wilson


From the 1921 Yearbook of Muncie High School

Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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