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Muncie, IN High School Class of 1907


Lola Babb
Charles Beckett
Bertha Bennett
Osie Black
Florence Blazier
Bessie Budd
Nellie Carmichael Rhoades
Osie Carpenter Johnson
Susan Cecil Sturdevant
Edith Chesworth
Beatrice Cohen
Mary Collins
Melvin Cramer
Pearl Crosgrave
Ethel Deakin
Lulu Dick
Lois Durham Scoggins
Beryl Garrison Nation
Fred Glascock
Maude Gray
Rodney Haylor
Edna Heckinhauer Nelson
Ella Heil
Lena Hofherr Shaw
Ethel Hurst McCracken
Marshall Kane
Maude Latshaw
Margaret Latham
Joseph McClellan
Anna Mahan Aylsworth
Mildred Medsker Nottingham
June Meeks Minton
Bonnie Mitchell
Mary Neise
Anna Olin
Mildred Overmire Hamilton
Winfred Overmire
Hubert Parkinson
Roy Payton
Helen Pierson McClung
George Postma
James Reddington
Frank Reese
Mary Reser
Earl Rhoads
Edith Russell
Reed Shafer
Montie Shroyer
Beulah Smith Fishback
Marjory Smith
Ralph Sparks
Echoe Spencer Allen
Bessie Staigers
Clifton Stewart
Mark Studebaker
Henry Sutton
Chester Swander
Pauline Thomas
Lola Warfel
Mary White
Blanche Wiggerly
Alda Wise


From the 1921 Yearbook of Muncie High School

Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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