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Muncie, IN High School Class of 1905


Lona I. Arbogast Pittenger
Lindon A. Bailey
Bernice Ball
Mae Black
E. May Bloom
Ralph Brown
Ray E. Carpenter
Samuel Cromer
Ethel Dragoo
Ferrell W. Dunn
Lila Wolcott Ellis
Caroline Beele Frazier
*Oran Freeman
Lula Gamble
John H. Grice
*Gertrude Gundlack
Edythe K. Harvey
Herbert A. Houze
Sydney B. Hurless
Nellie E. Jones
Ether Keller Brown
Bowden L. Kenworthy
Harry Louis Kitselman
Rhea Charline Knapp Murray
George Hickman Koons
Grace Regnia Landrey
Cora Maloney
Alfred D. Masters
Mabel H. Monroe
Mary Vale Moore
Mary Morrison MacPherson
Eliza Nelson
Iona May Petro Yount
Ura H. Poole
W. Arthur Potter
Ruby C. Puntenney Scott
Lottie Elizabeth Reeves
Edward A. Seaton
Hazel Sherritt Bannister
Leora W. Smith
Frosa L. Snyder White
Mabel Warner
Edna Ethel Williams Clawson
Volney D. Odle


From the 1921 Yearbook of Muncie High School

Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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