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Muncie, IN High School Class of 1904


Earl Ball
Beulah Batey Bunch
Bertha Bryan Ludington
Ethel Busch Lesh
Meribath Chambelain
Mary Craig
Alma Cramer Balfe
Ernest Church
Lloyd Crosgrave
Emma Gilbert
Chester Hager
Mary Handley
Anna Hilling
Bessie Hines
Mabel Illingsworth Kelly
Margaret E. Jones
Vivian Gordon
Carries Keltner
Leon Kern
Cameron Leatherman
Crystal Long Connolly
Cassie MacComber
Louise Maick
Lloyd Mansfield
James A. Wason
Frank McConnell
Bessie Mathews
Ella O'Neil Garber
Mabel Patterson Humfeld
Ella Phillips Dunlap
Charline Prutzman Rector
Paul Roberts
John Smith
Daisy Smith Rhoten
Maude Thompson
Marshall Turner
Olive Spurgeon Gage
*Nora Spurgeon Charman
Mabel Stewart Whiteley
Will Wilson
Marx Holt
Harvey Russell
Effie Clarke Nichols
Irma Deal Funkhouser
Fred Bowman
Ross Dowden
Leslie Grudy
Rex Kelly
Walter Meeker
Psyche Hoover
Nina Johnson Bickford
Rhoda Rea Marsh
Bessie Green
Mary Hutchens
Ethel Keener
Emily Maggs Friedley
Rainard Robbins
Victor Hancock
Carl Rarick
Carl Deal
Mannie Cunningham Wright


From the 1921 Yearbook of Muncie High School

Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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