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Muncie, IN High School Class of 1898


Margaret Barton
*Gertrude Batey
Edith Blair Ellis
Adda Cates
Mary Casey
*Clara Cones
Mary CrouseScott
Frank Garner
Helen GarnerKemper
Maude Goodlander
Dwight Green
Gertrude Hagadorn Clevenger
Laurence Herrmann
Florence Heckenhauer
*Pearl Hoover
Elmer Houze
Edith JacksonFisher
Homer Jones
Albert Lewellen
Laura McGee
Arthur McKinley
Gertrude Mitchell
Lucy Moore
Harry Moore
Rubie Perkins Weir
Susie Powers
Willie Reed
Sadie Reilly
Josephine Richard Cecil
Loula Wiley
Morris Wolff
Kate Keuchmann Denny
Jennie Miller
Stanton Janney
Maude Harvey


From the 1921 Yearbook of Muncie High School

Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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