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Muncie, IN High School Classes of 1886 & 1887


Daniel T. Weir
Will H. Bloss
Frank H. Langley
Walter H. Haines
Charles O. Prutzman
Francis E. Darracott
*Frank E. Watson
Henry Kiplinger
*Warren G. Raymond
Verneva Brown Adams
Emma Wells Guffigan
Jennie Dwyer Stewart
*Frank P. Polk
James E. Alexander
Emma P. Wilcoxin
*Alice Hagadorn Freeman
*Victor E. Silverburg


Mildred B. Ryan Beattie
Jeanette Zehrbaugh McCormick
*Emma Latrell Kirkman
Flora J. Russell Kirkman
George L. Raymond
Louise Winton Kirby
Clarence Carson
Gertrude Davis Evans
Samuel Ringoldsky
Bertha Patterson McElfresh
Bertha L. Smith Love
Maude Dolman Koons
Charles T. Bell
Rose A. Russell


From the 1921 Yearbook of Muncie High School

Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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