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Muncie, IN High School Classes of 1881 & 1882


Robert Meeks
Jennie Wilcoxin
Mary Winans Spilker
J. Birt Shick
Lettie Green Stouder
John R. Ellis
Charles W. Swain
James Shera Montgomery
Wilson Franklin
*Leonidas Leon
Mary E. Moore Youse
Harriett Mitchell Anthony
*Tillie Horlacher Davis
Mary E. Mason
*Leonard I. Shaffer
*Stanley Hathaway
Ida McConnell
Clouser Lotta Bishop
Ella Emerson Meeks
Mary E. Manor Finley
*Lida E. Ribble


*Maud Ardery
*Anna Ellis
May Stephenson Warfield
*Florence Walling
U. G. Beemer
Alta Stiffler Moore
*Della Shewmaker Mann
Charles C. Albertson
Otto Carmichael
*Cary Franklin
Everett Smith
*Will W. Johnson
Sarah McCulloch Keiser
Martha J. Reid Glass
J. H. Maddy
Hugh A. Cowing
James M. Lewis
Rose Silverburg Caldwell


From the 1921 Yearbook of Muncie High School

Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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