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Muncie, IN High School Classes of 1879 & 1880


Lola Meeks Franklin
*Geogre W. Wilson
Hattie E. Fay Eaton
Kate E. Kealy
John T. Waterhouse
Adora I. Knight
*Emma Dragoo Hoover
John R. Marsh
Mary Caroline Dungan Meeks
Mary J Anderson
Lola A. Truitt St. John
Carrie Baldwin
Leopold Hart
*Mary E. Lockhart
Mary V. Cecil Warner
Frank E. Faye
Carrie McCulloch Brady
*Eva Kessler
O. P. McClintock
Alice Ribble Brown


Emma Sparr Brown
Emma Walling
Kate Neely Wilbur
*Will H. Hickman
Kate S. Garst
Ozro J. Lockwood
Kate Hummell Reuble
Kate Bower Patterson
Alice Reid Monroe
Mae Heath
*Sonoa Silverberg Klein
Nellie Riley Curtis
*Franz S. Tyler
*Linnie Bowden Lynn


From the 1921 Yearbook of Muncie High School

Muncie, Indiana School Yearbooks
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