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Franklin, IN Alva Neal High School Class of 1917


Gilbert Best
Mattie Boles
Alice Brown
Zula Balser
Esther Brown
Gordon Clevenger
Ida Cosby
Noble Craig
Dorothy Deer
Gladys Deer
Marthena Drybread
Ralph Deupree
Marjory Dunlap
Roscoe Freeman
Hugh Graham
Bryon Hamblen
Fanchon Harrison
William Hemphill
Marjory Huffman
Doris Kelly
Roger Madison
Katherine Mullendore
Naomi Mullendore
Ned Mullikin
Bonnie McKane
Alma McQuinn
Hubert Ogden
Ferol Rudd
Mary Sanders
Merle Spears
Frieda Strohmeier
Helen Taylor
Glennie Vandivier
Roscoe Walters
Wendall Williams

Alumni Roster from the 1930 Yearbook of Alva Neal High School

Franklin, Indiana High School Yearbooks
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