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Franklin, IN Alva Neal High School Class of 1910


Hattie Alexander
Ella Allen
Rosa Allen
Glenn Beeson
Jessie Bradford
Morris Branigin
Edna Bridges
George Brown
Frank Butler
Gladys Byers
Leona Clark
Ray Dunlap
Lucile Gibben
Paul Griffin
Maurice Johnson
John Joplin
Mary Kincade
Roscoe Lee
Mildred Merrill
Donnell Miller
Marie Moore
Yessel McClain
Fern McClure
Charles McDaniel
Russell McDaniel
Henry Norton
Mabel Orr
Gretchen Overstreet
Ruth Pettiford
Ernest Pool
Webb Ray
Arland Saunders
Lester Sellers
Inez Smiley
Charles Staff
Charles Stainbrook
Mary Sturgeon
Alma Thom
Robert Todd
Edith Trout
Clancy Vandivier
Hugh Vandivier
Lawrence Vandivier
Mark Walden
Loleta Winchester
Gerald Winters

Alumni Roster from the 1930 Yearbook of Alva Neal High School

Franklin, Indiana High School Yearbooks
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