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Franklin, IN Alva Neal High School Class of 1907


Doris C. Anderson
Leslie Judson Barrow
Lena Baumgart
Golda Mae Beeson
Arthur Cox Brown
Flossie Lucille Bryan
Lelia Hazel Deupree
Edith Ditmars
Marie Ditmars
Frank H. Dixon
Mark A. Dixon
Ralph Sewell Dobbins
Grace Lindley Griffin
Albert Maxwell Jones
Carrie May Jones
Nelle M. Lanam
Ralph Landis Lochry
Elda Mathis
Delta :Mae McClain
Hazel McGinnis
Roy M. Miller
Richard Frank Moran
Mary Isetta Patterson
Frank Saunders Records
Noble Brown Ritchey
Arable Claire Sanders
Virgil Dowe Smiley
Faye Moore Smith
George Bradshaw Staff
Nancy Helen Todd
Harry Griffith Walden
Max Morgan Wilde

Alumni Roster from the 1930 Yearbook of Alva Neal High School

Franklin, Indiana High School Yearbooks
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