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Franklin, IN Alva Neal High School Class of 1906


Hazel Evelyn Abbett
Samuel Perry Dill
Furley Fairest Forsyth
Harry Dailey George
Ella Elizabeth Hughes
Harry Beam Lochry
Wallace Johnson
Edna Marie McClellan
Mildred E. Mullendore
Clark Prather
Essie Service
Elsie Ellen Trout
Eliza Katherine Webb
Della Delphia Dugan
Minnie Agnes Engler
Clarence Clark Hammond
Margaret Jones
Alice Marie McQuinn
Nellie Theo Moran
Grace Rivers Norton
Mabel Fredia Nichols
Anna Esther Peek
Luvisa Rose
Lois Marie Walling
Marjory Weyl

Alumni Roster from the 1930 Yearbook of Alva Neal High School

Franklin, Indiana High School Yearbooks
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