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Franklin, IN Alva Neal High School Class of 1902


Marcia Adams
Bessie Barnett
Ethelwyn Byers
Florence Byers
Maple Byers
Lillian Ditmars
Bess Dunn
Mabelle Farmer
Grace Hammond
Everett Leroy Jones
Zelia Keay
Mary E. Lacy
Myrtle Lattimore
Jessie McAlpin
Gertrude McDonald
Roy G. McQueen
Mabel Middleton
Claude Everett Morris
Rollin L. Ott
W. Emmett Pritchard
Mayme Pritchard
Oren M. Ragsdale
Byrtha Rose
Elizabeth Sellers
Hazel Sellers
Artitia Shelton Jones
Nelle Springer
Lida Staff
Blanche Stanton
Clara Suckow
Irvin S. Valentine
Edna Webb
Katherine Woolen

Alumni Roster from the 1930 Yearbook of Alva Neal High School

Franklin, Indiana High School Yearbooks
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