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Angola IN High School Classes of 1877-1882


Angola High School Alumni and where they were in 1918.

* indicates married at the time the roster was compiled in 1918.

*Keep, H. H. Teacher A. H. S. Angola, Ind.

Andrews, Frank

*Dickinson, Mate Carleton Jackson, Mich.

Avery Seth, Wire Fence Agent . Pleasant Lake, Ind.
*Mitchell, Della Chadwick Deceased.
Snyder, W. W. Deceased.

*Chadwick, Will Detroit, Mich.
*Marndon, Ruth Coe Kansas City, Kansas.
*Perigo, Ella Ladue Chicago, Ill.

*Bigler, B. B. St. Augustine, Florida.
*Braman, Jennie Sams Angola, Ind.
*Carpenter, Luna Dawson Elwood, Ind.
Chadwick, C. Alie Dentist Angola, Ind.
*Gilbert, Della Gale Deceased.
*Kinney, Ethel Williams Deceased.
*Kinney, Freeman Bookkeeper Vancouver, Wash.
*Gale Waldo Deceased.
*Daum, Nora Leas Angola, Ind.
*Mitchell, Ella Freeman Angola, Ind.
* Patterson, Leona Weaver Angola, Ind.
Snyder, Mary Deceased.
McConnel, Thomas Washington, D. C.

Roster from the 1918 yearbook of Angola High School