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Angola IN High School Classes of 1883-1888


Angola High School Alumni and where they were in 1918.

* indicates married at the time the roster was compiled in 1918.

*Boozer. Ela Leas Angola, Ind.
*Brewer, Ida Weaver Deceased.
Cole, Nettie Deceased.
*Dodge, Lizzie Cline Angola, Ind.
Eberly, Victor Lead, S. Dakota.
*Eberly, Willis Waterloo, Ind.
*Lehman, Ethie Burlingame Edwards, Miss.
Owen, Bell Deceased.
*Sholtz, Louis Fort Wayne, Ind.
*Sheldon, Lizzie McConnel Angola, Ind.
*Wells, Hattie Marrow Angola. Ind.
Willet, Rose Weicht Bryan, Ohio.
*Freligh, Nettie Fast Angola, Ind.

Boon, Minnie Deceased.
Chilson, Frank Deceased.
*Crain, Z. A. Banker Redfield, S. Dakota.
*Mann, Edessa Johnson St. Louis, Mo.
*Miller, Etta Leas Deceased.

Beil, Frank Deceased.
*Bollinger, Dora Plaster Angola, Ind.
*Boone, Acquilla R R. Engineer Chicago, Ill.
Ettinger, Zoe Deceased.
*Lewis, Emily Kinney Cincinnati, Ohio.
*Lewis, Grant K. Minister Cincinnati, Ohio.
*Moody, Alice Sowle Fremont, Ind.
Weiss, John Fremont, Ind.
*Welch, Ada Phelps Toledo, Ohio.
*Gurtner, Emma Welch . . Toledo, Ohio.

Brown, Grace Detroit, Mich.
*Crain, L. D. Ft. Collins, Col.
*Emerson, Ina Craig Angola, Ind.
Finch, Carrie Columbus, Ohio.
*Humphreys, Frank B. Physician Angola, Ind.
*Robinson, Alta Everhart Chicago, Ill.
*Wickwire, Josie Barnes Angola, Ind.
*Wyandt, Mattie Purinton Bryan, Ohio.

*Bates, Georgia Kinney Hiram, Ohio.
*Brockway, Inez Button , Camden, Mich.
Crandall, Emma Teacher Rahway, N. J.
*Freeman Gula Weaver Angola, Ind.
*Lane, Millie Gates Fort Wayne, Ind.
*McCauley, Carrie Cole Buckhannan, W. Va.
Williams, Nellie Lincoln, Neb.
*Wood, Emma Ireland Deceased.

Roster from the 1918 yearbook of Angola High School.