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Angola IN High School Classes of 1889-1894


Angola High School Alumni and where they were in 1918.
* indicates married at the time the roster was compiled in 1918.

*Gates, Fred C. Cleveland, Ohio.
*Gilbert, Guy Fort Wayne, Ind.
*Miser, Mary Longabaugh Waterloo, Ind.
*Morse, Wellington Los Angeles, Cal.

*Bobbit, Salena Carpenter Sedro Wooley, Wash.
*Carpenter, Robt. H. Editor Elwood, Ind.
*Green, Elfie Freleigh Pickett Bowling Green, Ohio.
*Pattee, Chester Mt. Pleasant, Mich.
Metzgar, Mary Angola, Ind.
*Sheets, Jennie Slade Fremont, Ind.
*Sowle, Charles Moulder Decatur, Ind.
*Sowle, Irving Indianapolis, Ind.
*Williamson, Susie Sowle Port Wayne, Ind.
*Woodhull, Ray Fort Wayne, Ind.

*Dixon, R. L. Teacher Lansing, Mich.
*Pattee, Frank Durand, Mich.
*Robinson, Maude Watson Angola, Ind.
*Williams, Lell Richardson Angola, Ind.

Benedict, Lillie Deceased.
Bodley, Leona Toledo, Ohio.
*Craig, Ona Craig Detroit, Mich.
*Laney, Etta Zipfel Cleveland, Ohio.

*Averill, Floyd Portland, Ore.
Brooks, Anna Angola, Ind.
*Hammond, Edna Brandeberry Ashley, Ind.
*Hutchinson, Jennie Pugh Lebanon, Ind.
*Milhoff, Imo Gale Mountain View, Cal.
*Wolf, Lena Teacher Vancouver, Wash.
*Wyrick, Basil Editor Chicago, Ill.

*Allen, J. W. Banker Muncie, Ind.
*Allisen, Mamie Goodale Angola, Ind.
*Brokaw, Nora Shank Angola, Ind.
*Cook, Edith Lemmon Deceased.
*Jarrard, Bertha Sewell Angola, Ind.
*Roose, Nellie Day Topeka, Kan.
*Shearer, Mary Pugh Angola, Ind.
Walls, Lunetta Teacher Toledo, Ohio.

Roster from the 1918 yearbook of Angola High School.