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Angola IN High School Classes of 1894-1900


Angola High School Alumni and where they were in 1918.
* indicates married at the time the roster was compiled in 1918.

*Brown, Harry Salesman Mansfield, Ohio.
*Carpenter, Royal J. Banker Angola, Ind.
*Evans, Tillie Stayner Pleasant Lake, Ind.
*Field, Arthur Angola, Ind.
*Jarrard, Wm. Clerk Angola, Ind.
*Jeffery, Kate Ireland Clerk Orland, Ind.
*Metzgar, Irvin Insurance Angola, Ind.
Pugh. Tillie Clerk Kendallville, Ind.
*Redding, Mamie Gale Angola, Ind.
*Roby, Dorothy Fisher Hillsdale, Mich.
*Shank, Emmet E. Lumber Dealer Angola, Ind.
*Singler, Edna Hirst Dunkirk, Ind.

*Benedict, Della Los Angeles, Cal.
*Brandeberry, H. K. Farmer Metz, Ind,
*Clark, Sadie Robinson Toledo, Ohio.
Enzor, Freeman K. Salesman Toledo, Ohio.
*Gosdale, Eva Morse Orland, Ind.
*Grail, Blanche Kemery Fort Wayne, Ind.
*Swartz, Anna Bogis Vancouver, Wash.
*Love, Lula Slade Angola, Ind.
*McGrew, Lela More Clerk Angola, Ind.
*Richards, Lillie Oreweler South Bend, Ind.
Townsend, Deborah Deceased.
*Westenhaver, Estella Post Los Angeles, Cal.

*Neihouse, Myrtle Shank Angola, Ind.
*Philley, June Smiley Huntington, Ind.
*Willennar, Vera Field Auburn, Ind.
*Williams, Lina Jacob Clerk Angola, Ind.

*Estrick, Florence Moore Edon, Ohio.
*Isenhower, Charles U. S. Army.
*Luse, Clela Powers Angola, Ind.
*Ryan, Audra Orton Olaga, N. Dak.
Somers, John Deceased.

*Blass, Rlaph [illegible] Salesman Angola, Ind.
*Dirrim, Blanche Garwood Angola, Ind.
*Green, Ncla Butler Angola, Ind.
*Markham, Mabel Rose Angola, Ind.
*Miller, Maude Eugene, Ore.
*McNaughton, Earl Merchant Ray, Ind.
*McNaughton, Pearl Ford Ray, Ind.
Miller, Will J. Monument, Ore.
*Nyce, James R. Lawyer Auburn, Ind.
*Shank, Erman Pharmacist Freeport, Ill.
*Waller, Will F. Doctor Metz, Ind.

*Gillis, Robt. Dentist Hammond, Ind.
*McIntyre, Etta Carey Indianapolis, Ind.
*Sheffer, Sam E. Printer South Bend, Ind.
*Smith, L. C. Florist Marion, Ind.
*Stevens, Edith Hale Mongo, Ind.
* Waller, Tina Elya Deceased.
Zipfel, Glen Deceased.

Roster from the 1918 yearbook of Angola High School.