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Angola IN High School Classes of 1901-1903


Angola High School Alumni and where they were in 1918.
* indicates married at the time the roster was compiled in 1918.

*Gale, Louis Phoenix, Ariz.
*Gordon, Wava Poland Indianapolis, Ind.
*Janes, Vera Gilbert Orland, Ind.
*McGrew, Jennie Stahl Grand Rapids, Mich.
*Neal, Paul Lawyer Freshwater, Ore.
*Puriton, Laura Kannel Deceased.
*Regan, Iva Morse Tulsa, Okla.
*Ritter, Clyde St. Louis, Mo.
*Torrence, Clela Kirk Altoona, Pa.

Beard, Mabel Stenographer Fort Wayne, Ind.
Carey, Nellie Teacher Gary, Ind.
*Hickman, Vera Castell Mass.
Crain, Grace Teacher Angola, Ind.
*Finley, Alice Sousley Orland, Ind.
French, Grace Teaching Ovando, Mont.
*Gates, Louis Cleveland, Ohio.
*Devine, Helen Gillis Athol, S. Dak.
*Lemmon, Earl Farmer Pleasant Lake, Ind.
*Campbell, Winifred Orton Langdon, N. Dakota.
*Paddock, Amy Hartman Deceased.
*Uhl, Willis Teaching Northwestern Chicago, Ill.
*Wickwire, Esther Stenographer Angola, Ind.
*Wickwire, Ethel Teaching Columbia New York, N. Y.

*Beard, Fern Brown Angola, Ind.
*Albaugh, Eva Beil Somerset, Ind.
*Berlin, Cynthia Kellogg Elkhart, Ind.
Cline, Carrie Angola, Ind.
*Fisher, Mack Butcher Angola, Ind.
*Fisher, Maude Brown Angola, Ind.
*Fisher, Nellie Flint
*Freygang, Paul Electrician San Francisco, Cal.
*Goodale, Ralph Teacher Hiram, Ohio.
*Hagarty, Guy U. S. Service
Hathaway, Pearl Printer Angola, Ind.
Hathaway, Winifred Postal Clerk Angola, Ind.
*Jackson, Howard Druggist Angola, Ind.
*Kreitzer, Harry Tacoma, Wash.
Nichols, Nona Danville, Ind.
*Preston, Lula Bratton Sioux City, Iowa
*Ritter, Edna Johnson Angola, Ind.
*Sheffer, Maude Cowan Angola, Ind.
*Beckholt, Vera Snyder Detroit, Mich.

Roster from the 1918 yearbook of Angola High School.