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Angola IN High School Classes of 1904-1906


Angola High School Alumni and where they were in 1918.
* indicates married at the time the roster was compiled in 1918.

* Burt, Walter Forestry Muncie, Ind.
*Hall, Nellie Caste11 Angola, Ind.
*Sanders, Dessa Crain Angola, Ind.
*Waller, Josephine Finch Angola, Ind.
*Hall, Gay French Sturgis, Mich.
*Pilliod, Dorothy Gillis Cleveland, Ohio.
*Hall, James Mail Carrier Angola, Ind.
*Johnson, Berniece Boyers Robinson, Ill.
*Kratz, Melvin Druggist Angola, Ind.
*Lacey, Vera Hauver Chicago, Ill.
Luton, Mabel Teacher Angola, Ind.
*May, Edith Gale Phillips, S. Dak.
*Murphy, Florence Smith Denver, Colo.
* Pugh, Herbert Salesman Kendallville, Ind.
*Shields, Vesta Flint Henrytown, Tenn.
*Sheffer, Waldo Banker Angola, Ind.
*Sowle, Harry Salesman Montpelier, Ind.
*Snyder, Kenneth Kansas City, Mo.
*Van Horn, Jessie Morse Kalamazoo, Mich.

Bachelor, Olga Stenographer Fort Wayne, Ind.
Bell, Ana Bookkeeper Angola, Ind.
*Butler, J. W Farmer Angola, Ind.
Croxton, Fred U. S. Service.
*Dickerson, Don Merchant Toledo, Ohio.
*Mills, Clara Emerson Olathe, Col.
*Fisher, G. A. Auburn, Ind.
*Kyper, Guy Milwaukee, Wis.
Nichols, Vernon Danville, Ind.
*Purinton, Wallace Olivet, Ill.
*Rowe, Adelia Stallman Galesburg, Ill.
*Thomas, Bessie Tuttle Fort Wayne, Ind.
Weaver, Lulu Montpelier, Ohio.
*Willennar, Marshall D. Teacher Sanborn, S. Dak.
*Woodhull, M. J. Salesman Angola, Ind.

*Weaver, Ethel Bolan Angola, Ind.
Davis, Clarence Boulder, Colo.
*Willennar, Mildred Hauver Sanborn, S. Dak.
*.Jackson, Vera Dickerson Angola, Ind.
*Kratz, Harold F. Farmer Angola, Ind.
*Hall, Hazel F. Lee Auburn, Ind.
*McKinley, Hershall Mail Clerk Chicago, Ill.
Parsell, Oradell Teacher Angola, Ind.
*Kratz, Evangeline Pilliod Angola, Ind.
*Wicoff, Wier Florida.

Roster from the 1918 yearbook of Angola High School.