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Angola IN High School Classes of 1907-1909


Angola High School Alumni and where they were in 1918.
* indicates married at the time the roster was compiled in 1918.

*Freeland, Leta Carey Jackson, Mich.
Clay, Lloyd U S. Service Camp Shelby, Miss.
* Black, Gay Hall Tippecanoe Lake, Ind.
*Hayward, Elsie H. Chicago, Ill.
*Ludwig, Zula Ireland Albion, Mich.
*Harris, Margaret Osborne Auburn, Ind.
* Hobbs, Mabel Pilliod New York, N. Y.

Braman, Pansy Teacher Angola, Ind.
Brewer, Elmira Teacher St. Mary's, Idaho.
Carpenter, Lois Florist Angola, Ind.
*Dutter, Vieve Los Angeles, Cal.
Crain, Faye Telephone Operator Angola, Ind.
*Gibbons, Edwin Freygang Tacoma, Wash.
*Purinton, 0llie Goodwin Olivet, Ill.
Hector ,Joseph Aviation San Antonia, Texas.
Honess, Charles Norman, Okla.
*Johnson, Thomas Ashley, Ind.
*Richter, Alta Junod Vernon Center, Minn.
*Kyper, Karl Pioneer, Ohio.
*Kratzer, Edith Eggleston Angola, Ind.
Oberlin, Lloyd Angola, Ind.
*Parrot, Edna Continental, Ohio.
*Ransburg, Dawson Salesman Watertown, S. Dakota.
*Spangle, Pearl Braman Cleveland, Ohio.
Strayer, Margaret Clerk Fort Wayne, Ind.
Swift, Ola Deceased.
Waller, Virgil Cleveland, Ohio.
Walsh, Madge Angola, Ind.
Bender, Lucy White Toledo, Ohio.
Wisel, Sabrina Helmer, Ind.

*Lambert, Imo Hayward Brownsville, Ind.
*Preston, Frederika Wambaugh Chicago, Ill.
Patterson, Robert U S Service .... Camp Thomas Louisville, Ky.
*Bakstad, Mildred Shank Detroit, Mich.
*Kratzer, Flossie Zabst Bookkeeper Angola, Ind.
*Kratz, Elsie Zabst Clerk Angola, Ind.
Honess, Arthur Princeton, N. J.
Mugg, Mabel Angola, Ind.
Manahan, Ruth Angola, Ind.
*Pocock, Thomas Des Moines, Iowa.
Boyers, Byron Navy Norfolk, Va.
Peachey, Linda Angola, Ind.
Parsell, Florence Art Institute Chicago, Ill.
Lane, Altina Teacher Fort Wayne, Ind.
*Williamson, Maurice South America.
Hendry, Louis Deceased.
*McKillen, Mildred Dole Angola, Ind.
*Gibbs, Hazel Freleigh Fresno, Cal.
*McKillen, Wayne Clerk Angola, Ind.
*Junod, Grace Fort Wayne, Ind.
* Lees, Fern Treese Detroit, Mich.
*Elya, Fred Salesman Pittsburg, Pa.
*Stayner, Blanche
Mallory, Daisy U S A. Service Washington, D. C.
*Peachey, Achsa Fremont, Ind.
Carpenter, Wilma Deceased.
Shank, Charles Northwestern University Chicago, Ill.
*Walters, Gladys Snyder Deceased.
Rakestraw, Elezan Fort Wayne, Ind.
Wyrick, Arlo U. S. A.
*Turner, Ila White Canton, Ohio.
*Hamlin, Don Druggist Orland, Ind.
*Geiger, Velma Swift Fort Wayne, Ind.
Lash, Edna Washington, D. C.

Roster from the 1918 yearbook of Angola High School.