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Angola IN High School Classes of 1910-1911


Angola High School Alumni and where they were in 1918.
* indicates married at the time the roster was compiled in 1918.

*Boozer, Ralph Ann Arbor, Mich.
*Allman, Ethel Chard Angola, Ind.
Creel, Coleman Washington, D. C.
*Culver, John U S. A. Camp Pike, Ark.
*Robbins, Velma Deal Allentown, N. J.
*Winans, Lisle Dilworth Auburn, Ind.
*Ellithrope, Dale Jeweler Paxton, Ill.
Ewan, Vera Melbourne, Ohio.
*Elston, Lynn Physician Des Moines, Iowa.
*Fast, Frank Edon, Ohio.
*Bryan, Reba French Angola, Ind.
*Goodwin, Warren Fremont, Ind.
Ritter, Alda Angola, Ind.
Sickles, Burton Angola, Ind.
Smith, Lucile Angola, Ind.
Tasker, May Angola, Ind.
Van Cleave, Ruth Fort Wayne, Ind.
*Walcott, Glen Hickman ,Col.

*Legier, Faye Burt Battle Creek, Mich.
Brennan, Pearl Angola, Ind.
Coy, Wilma Angola, Ind.
*Eastburn, Joyce Creel Indianapolis, Ind.
Caste11, Lois Teacher Fremont, Ind.
Dewey, Neva Angola, Ind.
Gilmore, Florence Teacher Angola, Ind.
Kirk, Hazel Bucyrus, Ohio.
*Dickinson, Bess Harding Seattle, Wash.
*Lutz, Mabel Fast Angola, Ind.
*Hawkes, Arenda Lazenby Litchfield, Mich.
Lazenby, Lotta Montgomery, Mich.
*Zimmerman, Muriel Watkins Angola, Ind.
Weir, Alda Teaching Elkhart, Ind.
*Woodring Warner U S A. Service France.
Kolb, Lois McCool Angola, Ind.
*Carey, Okel Mark Auburn, Ind.
•Ettinger, Ned Detroit, Mich.
Gilmore, Alta Angola, Ind.
Wells, Leighton Chicago. Ill.
*Henny, Enola Hanselman Angola, Ind.
*Day, Mabel Rinehart Hamilton, Ind.
*Freleigh, Cliffton Angola, Ind.
Pfenning, Clea Omstead Stroh, Ind.
*Rogers, Aria Pence Helmer, Ind.
*Bash, Enola Hendry Angola, Ind.
Phillips, Wala Deceased.

Roster from the 1918 yearbook of Angola High School.