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Angola IN High School Classes of 1912-1913


Angola High School Alumni and where they were in 1918.
* indicates married at the time the roster was compiled in 1918.

Kunkle, Helen Chicago, Ill.
Palfreyman, David Detroit, Mich.
Avery, Hazel Angola, Ind.
*Zimmerman, Glen Angola, Ind.
Woodring, Ruth Chicago, Ill.
Dellar, Frank Farmer Angola, Ind.
Sniff, Irma Teacher Angola, Ind.
Parsell, French U S A. Service Camp Shelby, Miss
*Boggs, Ruth Parsell Pittsburg, Pa.
Hall, Burl Angola, Ind.
lioness, Edith Oberlin, Ohio.
*Kidney, Charles Cleveland, Ohio.
Van Cleave, Helen Atlanta, Ind.
Walsh, Wade Angola, Ind.
*Sparks, Zema Ettinger Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Dygert, Ellen
Culver, Don U S. A. Service Camp Shelby, Miss.
Robertson, Frances Teaching Hamilton, Ind.
Bratton, Corneal U S. A. Service Camp Shelby, Miss.
*Crews, Marjorie Burkhart Angola, Ind.
*Parr, Lloyd Fort Wayne, Ind.
Evans, Jessie Aberdeen, S. Dak.
•Hubbel, Ina Storey Angola, Ind.
Smith, Imo U S A. Service
*Parsell, Muriel Spears Helmer, Ind.
*Kohl, Herman U S. A. Service Camp Shelby, Miss.

Abrams, Florence Fremont, Ind.
Creel, June Forest Grove, Ore.
Brennan, Darl Chicago, Ill.
Dole, Pyrl Deputy Auditor Angola, Ind.
*Ellison, Florence Martin Grand Haven, Mich.
Heber Elliot Indianapolis, Ind.
*Brown, Helen Smith Indianapolis, Ind.
*Penn, Willa Morse Tulsa, Okla.
Ettinger, Marlin U S. Service Camp Sherman, Ohio.
Noyes, Cleon U S Service
*Warring, Winfred Parsell Angola, Ind.
Parsell, Louis
Parish, L. D. Rochester, Ind.
*Lough, Martha Pollock Chicago, Ill.
Rummel, Hermione Fremont, Ind.
*Ritter, Wymond Banker Angola, Ind.
*King, Glada Shumway North Robinson, Ohio.
Webb, Mildred Teaching New Mexico.
Webb, Rachel Teaching Ohio.
*Snellenberger, Clyde Mount Pleasant, Mich.
Parsons, Maggie Teacher Angola, Ind.
Hayward, Berdena Teacher Detroit, Mich.

Roster from the 1918 yearbook of Angola High School.