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Atlantic, IA High School Class of 1934

College Entrance
Alliband, John
Anderson, Ned
Bean, Marjorie
Brehmer, Dale
Crutchfield, F. Alyce
Gaines, Maxine
Geiger, Lester
Griffin, Frances
Jessen, Hans
Kinney, Delores
Lewis, Lawrence
Martens, Travis
McCrory, Esther
Nora, Charles
Patterson, Floyd
Pine, Mary Louise
Randolph, Helen
Savery, Jannes
Shrauger, Harold
Sorenson, Howard
Sorenson, Lillie
Syms, Elizabeth
Welch, James
White, Betty
Woods, Luther

Anker, Doris
Beekman, Dorothy
Bell, Mary Jane
Brehmer, Esther
Brindley, Leah
Darling, Ruth
Fleming, Eleanor
Hedges, Helen
Heiken, Evelyn
Johnson, Doris
Johnson, Evelyn
Lang, Shirley
McCarville, Kathryn
Neisom, Elsie
Nelson, Doris
O'Donnell, Marjorie
Olney, Leona
Peterson, Thelma
Rotherham, Genevieve
Trainer, Zoe
Winston, Myrtle
Zimmerman, Myrtle