Sanborn, IA High School Classes of 1890-1892

Class of 1890.

Lydia Durgen-Simpson, 3849 Brighton Ave., Oakland, California.
August Roden, Madison, Wisconsin.
Cora Moody-Brosins, Brookville, Pa.
Martha Palen-Peterson, Des Moines, Iowa.

Class of 1891.

Flora VanBuren-Estey, Chicago, Ill.
Allan Barr, Kalispel, Montana
Myrtle Gunsel*
Katherine Bacon-Way, Watertown, S. D.
Mary Bray*
Jennie Phelps-Renshaw, Deceased
Mary Barrett-Weston, Seattle, Wash
Fred Owen, Paullina, Iowa.
Ethie Durgen-Thomas, 218 St. Charles St., N. LaCrosse, Wis
Idelle Heron-Wells, Brewster, Minn.
Elliott LaFrilneer, Chicago, Ill.
Millie Velie, Kulm, N. Dak.

Class of 1892.

Claire Inman, Salem, Oregon
Arthur J. Walsmith, Oskaloosa, Iowa.
Dora Wilbur-Whitcomb, Deceased.
Fred Roden, Mason City, Iowa.
Etna McMillan-McFarland, Rock Rapids, Iowa.
Lillian Durgin, S. 330 Walnut St., Spokane, Wash.
Edna Green-Johnson, Sanborn, Iowa.
Jennie Velie-Wlasmith, Oskaloosa, Iowa.

*Whereabouts unknown.

Alumni and where they were in 1914.

Roster from the 1914 Yearbook of Sanborn High School

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