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Sanborn, IA High School Classes of 1893-1897

Class of 1893.
(No Graduates)

Class of 1894.

Cora M. Powell-Stock, Algona, Iowa.

Class of 1895.

Ina Boyd-Lee, Watertown, S. D.
Ernest Thomas, Murdo, S. D.

Class of 1896.

John Biggs, Valley City, S. D.
Omar Parker, Los Angeles, Calif.
Ira Shaffner, Boise, Idaho.
Elmer J. White*

Class of 1897.

Kate Algyer-Summer, Alberta, Canada.
Erma Boyd, Sanborn, Iowa.
Allard J. Durgin, 218 5th Ave., S. E., St. Cloud, Minn.
Clara Free-Seegmiller, St. Paul, Mimi.
Lorne Foote, Sanborn, Iowa.
Fred A. Grafelman, Chokio, Minn.
Ed. McGrath, Mitchell, S. D.
Lutie Perry-Allen, Sanborn, Iowa.
Mayme McGrath, Deceased April 14, 1898.
Josie Solon-Johnson, Princeton, W. Va.
Charles Wasson, Chicago, Ill.

*Whereabouts unknown.

Alumni and where they were in 1914.

Roster from the 1914 Yearbook of Sanborn High School

Sanborn, Iowa High School Yearbooks
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