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Sanborn, IA High School Classes of 1903-1906

Class of 1903.

Agnes Grafelman-Burt, Rolette, S. D.
Nina Williams, 3908 N. 25th St., Tacoma, Wash.
Florence Morris, Sioux City, Iowa.
Ray Wilson, Pocatello, Idaho
Verne Brady, Sanborn, Iowa.

Class of 1904.

Amy Hakeman-Raymond, Sanborn, Iowa.
Ella Kings-Kerberg, Audubon, Iowa.
Ethel Bailey-Wright, Sanborn, Iowa.
Lula Long-Mauller, Rockford, Ill.
Hope Watson-Loafman, Washington, D. C.
Florence Soop, Prairie City, Iowa.
Ada Heng*
Victor Jackson, Sanborn, Iowa.
Roy Woodman, Parker, S. D.
Wilk Farnsworth, Sanborn, Iowa.
Ray Speer, Minneapolis, Minn.
Sidney Kerberg, Audubon, Iowa.

Class of 1905.

Roy Roberts, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Dorothy Archer-Porterfield, Holstein, Iowa.
Flossie Wheeler-Hamilton, San Francisco, Calif.
Hubert Thomas, Iowa Falls, Iowa.
Robert Fox, Seattle, Wash.

Class of 1906.

Wanda Martini, Pullman, Wash.
Ezra Brady, Mason City, Iowa.
Reed Babcock, Sheldon, Iowa.
George Getting, Marshfield, Oregon.
Harlan Jackson, Sioux City, Iowa.
George Kings, Sanborn, Iowa.
Howard Coleman, Wood, S. D.
Lelah Zimmerman-Hanson, Currie, Minn.
Geneva Thomas, Iowa Falls, Iowa.
Nellie Wood-Lowery, Sanborn, Iowa.
Maggie Moses-Greasing, Sheldon, Iowa.

*Whereabouts unknown.

Alumni and where they were in 1914.

Roster from the 1914 Yearbook of Sanborn High School

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