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Sanborn, IA High School Classes of 1907-1908

Class of 1907.

Clara Protexter-Dingle, Sanborn, Iowa.
Keith Williams, Tacoma, Wash.
Marguerite Kings-Brady, Sanborn, Iowa.
Gladys Archer-Johnson, Santiago, Calif.
Take Heng, Spencer, Iowa.
Kitty Hanson-Carl, Sanborn, Iowa.
Helen Wells, Sioux Falls, S. D.
Carleton Velie, Deceased, Apr. 11, 1913.
Leola Thomas, Iowa Falls, Iowa.
Eva Tifft-Yeager, Sanborn, Iowa.
Georgie Eldrege-Quilleash, Sanborn, Iowa.
Etta Patton-Fuerhelm, Beresford, S. D.
Bessie Gilson-Hyde, Sioux Falls, S. D.
Earl Mayne, Sanborn, Iowa.
Jennie Fuller-Corbin, Madison, S. D.
Ray C. Hyde, Sioux Falls, S. D.
Mina Speer, Los Angeles, Calif.
Earl Powers, Sanborn, Iowa.

Class of 1908.

Clifford Long, Sanborn, Iowa.
Lola Britton, Sanborn, Iowa.
Agnes Bohan-Mulhern, Sheldon, Iowa.
Gertrude Mehren, Deceased, May 21, 1911.
Susie Dow, Sanborn, Iowa.
Ethel Morris, Sioux City, Iowa.

*Whereabouts unknown.

Alumni and where they were in 1914.

Roster from the 1914 Yearbook of Sanborn High School

Sanborn, Iowa High School Yearbooks
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