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Cresco, IA High School Classes of 1882-1884


Cresco, Iowa High School Alumni and where they were living in 1925.

Jerry Clark, Cresco, Iowa.
Clara Webster (Mrs. Jno. McCook) deceased.
Susie Powell, North Yakima, Wash.
Mary Stone (Mrs. E. P. Skein) deceased.
Alfred Tyler, deceased.
Chetta Ferris (Mrs. Geo. Lutz) St. Paul, Minn.

Allie Webster (Mrs. C. I. White) Cresco.
Maggie Doan (Mrs. L. G. Weld) Chicago.
Emma Noble (Mrs. Edwin Arnold) Chicago.
Emma Streinz, deceased.
Charles Trumbull, Port Townsend, Wash.

Eva Doolittle (Mrs. Eva Houska) Felcol, Minn.
Addie Church (Mrs. C. J. Harlan) Cresco.

Elsie Perry (Mrs. T. J. Rutherford) Cresco.
Tina Norton (Mrs. Chas. Johnson) Cresco.
Carrie Doolittle, St. Croix, Wis.
Mary Kellow (Mrs. Young) St. Paul, Minn.
Edwin Arnold, Chicago, Ill. Lawyer.
James Garrett, Chicago Loan and Trust Co., Morgan Park, Ill.
Fred Harris, New York City. Lawyer.

Emma Farnsworth (Mrs. Elmer Nash) Cresco.
Carrie Cutting, Cashier Farmers' State Bank, Conrad, Mich.
Gertrude Thomson, deceased.
Merril Bush, Cleveland, Ohio.
N. D. Barker, Traveling, Marshall, Minn.
A. Noble. Lawyer, Chicago, Ill.

Roster from the 1925 Cresco High School yearbook.